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Free DNS setup for a domain showing a Blogger web page

I was very busy with some configuration for a friend's blog on Blogger. She was paying a fee for the DNS redirect from her national DNS service to blogger, and I help her to stop paying for that. I'll write the steps to reproduce the free DNS setup via CloudFlare, that by the way its an excellent way to manage the DNS for free. Step 1 In the first place, you need to add the domain to Cloudflare after creating an account in  Cloudflare . After that, we must provide the DNS of Cloudflare to our national domains service, usually, they are: Step 2 The next step it's to locate the "configuration area" in Blogspot > Settings > Basic > Publishing >  Blog Address > "+ Set up a third-party URL for your blog - Point your own registered URL to your blog." Step 3 In there is an input box for setting your domain URL including the subdomain www o blog or whatever... after you put it,

NativeScript/Angular for dummies (practical guide)

Soo I begin to wonder what to write next and the response now that I know that Phone/Cordova it's a stinky pile of s... is clear to me now... This is a thing that I'll surely regret try or write for in some years but let's begin with some easy tutorial for NativeScript. The way I see it the only cool wat to see this is via the internal app for the playground of the team: Playground NAtivescrip Android for practically we will use Android because we all know that iOS sucks. First, let's install the CLI npm install -g nativescript The requirements for a full build of an app are here: Then we proceed to make a new app: tns create HelloWorld --template tns-template-blank-ng And for last we try to see our magnificent app in the preview panel: tns preview This will throw a QR code that we can scan with our playground app and the app will just pop up in the phone. Well, that's for now, a little guide