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The Video converter I needed

Handbrake it's an open-source video transcoder and a lifesaver!  For people that don't have a lot of time for transcoding or don't know a lot about video. I was trying to get working an OGM file on my TV and the format was not recognized by it. It even wasn't visible by Plex that is a great server-client app for organizing video. So I decided to convert those stupid files.  The solution... Handbrake it was like magic!  It let me: Choose the format to convert the files Select various types of files Remove annoying audio tracks on the file Add some subtitles  Force subtitles that were necessary for the video. So I give you the link for this miraculous and simple app that lets you work on all your videos at once. 64-Win_GUI.exe The web site for this guy is  go check it out.

I hate the PDF format

The other day I was trying to get a graphical novel from the web but the only format that I found was PDF. In some manner, I was sure it was all that I needed but the PDF format was messing with the images on my Kindle Paper White.  The solution: Extract the images. The problem: PDF. The PDF format its crap, because of everyone it's trying to get a piece of the action behind it. So every extractor, converter or creator costs money or its freemium(for paying later) or its a scam. I searched for an open-source way of a deal with it and I came across this tool. It was fantastic! Pkpdfconverter lets you export text images tex + images in an elegant and simple way the interface look kind of old but it deserves being checked out. Here is the link to the project in Sourceforge: