NativeScript/Angular for dummies (practical guide)

Soo I begin to wonder what to write next and the response now that I know that Phone/Cordova it's a stinky pile of s... is clear to me now...

This is a thing that I'll surely regret try or write for in some years but let's begin with some easy tutorial for NativeScript.

The way I see it the only cool wat to see this is via the internal app for the playground of the team: Playground NAtivescrip Android for practically we will use Android because we all know that iOS sucks. First, let's install the CLI
npm install -g nativescript
The requirements for a full build of an app are here:
Then we proceed to make a new app:
tns create HelloWorld --template tns-template-blank-ng
And for last we try to see our magnificent app in the preview panel:
tns preview
This will throw a QR code that we can scan with our playground app and the app will just pop up in the phone. Well, that's for now, a little guide to make a new app in NativeScript/Angular. See you next time.


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