I hate the PDF format

The other day I was trying to get a graphical novel from the web but the only format that I found was PDF. In some manner, I was sure it was all that I needed but the PDF format was messing with the images on my Kindle Paper White. 

The solution: Extract the images.
The problem: PDF.

The PDF format its crap, because of everyone it's trying to get a piece of the action behind it. So every extractor, converter or creator costs money or its freemium(for paying later) or its a scam. I searched for an open-source way of a deal with it and I came across this tool. It was fantastic!

Pkpdfconverter lets you export text images tex + images in an elegant and simple way the interface look kind of old but it deserves being checked out.

Here is the link to the project in Sourceforge:



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